Classic Weaknesses of Leaders-Sun Tzu

Let’s see what everyone–even Paris Hilton–is reading: Sun Tzu’s classic, The Art of War

1. The overly resolute or dogmatic leader can become predictable, and lead his people into a trap set by their adversaries.

2. The leader who fears danger can be predictably cajoled with threats. In appeasing his enemies, he will give away his people’s freedom.

3. The leader who has a temper can be insulted and in her anger will make rash decisions that will suboptimally employ her people’s resources.

4. The leader who is overly sensitive to protecting his good reputation will be unable to make tough decisions, leaving his people without leadership on critical issues that demand immediate decision, but upon which there will never be a concensus.

5. The leader who is himself ruled by his tender heart, will end up doing more long term harm to his people than the leader who balances a tender heart with a tough mind.

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