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Area Collaborative Online History Book / Online Bygdebok

Giants has a vision of creating a single family tree that includes a file for everyone who ever lived in or near Spring Grove, Minnesota. We are close to realizing that vision. That family tree will provide the organizational framework to file and index tens of thousands of community pictures, videos, and artifacts. Each ancestor associated with an image, audio file, or video will be cross-linked to that image. Since so many people are related in Houston, Winneshiek, Fillmore, & Allamakee Counties, you will find that much of your work is already done for you. Thanks to the power of computer technology, we hope that this Bygdebok will grow to well beyond our area. If you have a Mabel, Caledonia, Houston, Black Hammer, Decorah, or other area family tree that you would like us to add to our website, please send your gedcom file to Currently, we actually have four trees on our site–one Spring Grove tree which is primarily Georgia Rosendahl’s work, one Storlie tree, one Grunhovd tree, and one Tweito tree. Our trees will be merged and periodically upgraded with a more complete and pruned tree as our tree improves. Currently the media and source links will take you to our tree. In the future, we will likely be at a point where we enter our data/sources/pictures/videos directly to this site. Your donations will help speed up this process and help us to promote this among the younger generations, who we feel can benefit the most from the lessons of genealogy, but who typically cannot afford the high costs associated with

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