Capital Campaign Contributions

Want to donate to Giants of the Earth Heritage Center. We have two easy options. Note that donations over $2,500 will receive special honors in our Hall of Giants in Spring Grove. There is an Honored Immigrants Wall on the first floor. Each donation of $2,500 allows the name of an immigrant from one’s family to be written in gold leaf on the wall.

Option 1. Donate to Giants Capital Campaign BY CHECK. Write your check, and mail to: 


Giants of the Earth Heritage Center, Inc.
P.O. Box 223
Spring Grove, MN 55974


Option 2. Donate to Giants Capital Campaign BY CREDIT CARD 


Simply use the online donation button below.  Your name will be immediately posted on our Online Donors page if you choose, or you can remain anonymous. Note: you may make your tax deductible donations any amount you wish and make any comments you wish. Feel free to make a donation in memory of a beloved ancestor or loved one, such as–“In memory of…remembering our first Christmas together” or “In honor of Knute…, my great great grandfather, who helped build the first Spring Grove Church.”  If you wish to have your money used toward something in particular, such as the capital campaign, the Dan Huebner matching grant for programming, or membership, please indicate so.  


If you need assistance, please email us. We can contact you later and even take your credit card information over the phone.

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