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Georgia Rosendahl has a great deal of experience with local Spring Grove genealogy. You can contact her directly at

Georgia Rosendahl

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  1. Hello !
    Hopefully You can help me, or point me in the right direction.
    I am searching for possible info on an ancestor of mine, Thorbjorn Eeck, who was born here

    in Norway in 1882, and seems to have emigrated to USA before the turn of the Century as I find a record in “Minnesota, Territorial and State Censuses 1849-1905, 1900 Thorbjorn Eeck, est. birth 1880, Spring Grove Township”, but I am unable to get more details.
    Here in Norway/Lillestrøm he was listed as Apprentice baker.
    He also had a older sister Olga Helene Eeck (*1878), who seems to have made the voyage from Oslo to Chicago in 1896, probably to join him. She was however back here in Oslo/Kristiania before 1910 as she is then listed as living with Her Family/sisters, but the as Olga Helene Foss. She may have married a Norwegian With Family name Foss in USA ?
    Thorbjørn and Olga Eeck was my fathers aunt and uncle, but he never really told about them, and i now dead since years back. I am myslef 72 years old (young), and is trying to put together as much Family info as possible for my children.

    I will be very grateful if you have some suggestions and help.

    Mr. Jon Andreas Dahl
    Oslo – Norway

  2. My name is Robert Hegge and my immigrant ancester settled in Black Hammer in the 1800s. I was curious….what is the orgin for Hegge Dr. ? Also, can you point me in the direction of someone who has information on Peter Peterson Hegge? I haven’t had much success in anyone responding. Thanks.

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