Serving our Corporate Masters

What do we owe our corporate masters? They have groomed and selected our politicians for decades to make choices in their best interest. They have given us a bankrupt economy and our children little opportunity to succeed, considering our children have inherited unfunded liabilities of over $1.1 million per taxpayer. How can we ever thank our masters for stripping us of actual self-representation, for transforming a restrained constitutional republic that was once a model to the rest of the world into an

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unrestrained and imperial state looked on with disdain by most of the world? How can we thank them for our unstoppably growing $16 trillion plus deficit? How can we thank them for engineering a massive redistribution of wealth away from most hard working Americans with a fever and chills economy so that only a few in-the-know can shelter their resources from inflation and deflation? How much do we owe them for their corrupt fractional reserve banking system that rewards bankers for Ponzi schemes and then bails them out with taxpayer earnings when their scheme is uncovered? We could go on and on listing all that we have to thank them for.

Most people have the prudence to keep their mouth shut, as they would be severely penalized by the powers that be for speaking out against them. For they are massive, organized establishments with great influence over our leaders and our media and any politician who stood against them would suddenly be taken down with some scandal or other orchestrated disgrace. Few have the integrity to avoid lip service to the powers that be. Is it even possible to rise to influence without their endorsement?

Every now and then, it happens that someone is either so naive or so uncaring for his personal political future that he tells the truth: “The King has no clothes.”  One of the few examples of such honesty is found in Eisenhower’s farewell address to the nation. Enjoy it, before it is censored by the powers that be because “eet eez UnameriKan to qvestion Uz”.

Faithful to the end


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