Feb 11 Gals & Dolls Tea

Gals and Dolls in Spring Grove
It’s Tea Time in February
Come to experience tea at the Ballard House in Spring Grove after school on Friday, February 11 from 3:30-4:45 PM.  Served in our elegant Heritage Center’s Grand Room, this after-school 75 minute event will introduce girls of all ages to the Afternoon Tea Party experience of our ancestors.  Adding to the ambience, tea will be served using an assortment of china cups and saucers, silver service and candles.
According to a 1902 book on etiquette, “teas have become the necessities of life; they fill a place in our social communion with one another that no other form of entertainment could so well encompass.”
This will be an excellent opportunity for children to learn or brush up on proper introductions, dining etiquette and other social graces.  This experience can build confidence and skills that make social situations easier – and bring benefits that last a lifetime.
Bring your Favorite Doll
Fancy dress is encouraged, or dress to match your doll’s costume!  There are three rest rooms at the Ballard House where one could change clothes after school.
The event is free to girls who make reservations in advance by calling Jill at 498.3586. Doll friends are free and one doll chair will be provided for each girl.  For all adults and for girls who do not make advance reservations, the fee is $3
Special Craft Finale
Volunteers will help inspire each girl to create a special card and matching envelope for her Valentine.  Girls will use stickers and decorative paper to make a one-of-a-kind card.  (No paint will spoil fancy clothes.)
Volunteers may call Jill at 563-419-0986 to help set up and participate.
This delightful learning experience is hosted by Giants of the Earth Heritage Center, Inc.

For Immediate Release: January 28, 2011
Contact: Karen B. Gray

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