Genetic Ancestry Membership by Credit Card

We invite you to join our community of Spring Grove area relatives and friends exploring their genetic ancestry through DNA testing. Those who join with their credit card at the $175 Genetic Ancestry membership level can elect to receive a complimentary gift AncestryDNA kit or similar kit, as our thank you. Your membership will be supporting our nonprofit. You will also receive our newsletter and invitations to our special events. We do not sell or resell genetic kits. You receive one as an optional thank you gift from us for joining at this membership level.

Because your privacy is our main concern, we encourage you to bring your own laptops or other devices with you when asking for assistance. If you are using another’s computer, we recommend that you completely log out of any site requiring a password before you leave that computer. Only adults may receive a complimentary genetic test (although parents or guardians may then give them to their children so long as they administer the settings). Obviously never share your critical passwords with anyone. We also encourage you to check your privacy settings within any site, whether it be Facebook or a genetic testing analysis site, to ensure you are comfortable with your level of sharing.

Please note that we do not ship genetic kits outside of the United States.

If you need assistance, please email us. We can contact you later and even take your credit card information over the phone.


6 Replies to “Genetic Ancestry Membership by Credit Card”

  1. Hi,
    I am interested in genetic ancestry and want to know what is included in your complimentary AncestryDNA kit.
    Thank you.

  2. Hello Lora Lee,
    Our genetic ancestry membership ($175) currently includes a complimentary AncestryDNA kit, as a thank you. As I am also a Genetics professor, I can also help you to get the most out of your genetic ancestry experience. If I don’t happen to be here, Stacy can also make sure you know how to get the most our of your results. If you live in the area, you can stop in and I can get you onto, which allows you to compare yourself with those individuals who have also tested with 23andme and Family Tree DNA and have uploaded to the Gedmatch site. We have a tier one membership to that and are also developing our own Triangulation methods, so we can also help you out with analyzing your various DNA. After a few hours of assisting you, which is part of your Genetic Ancestry membership, we generally appreciate a donation to the Genetic Genealogy department of Giants equivalent to $15/hour to help compensate Giants for our time for members, and $25/hour for nonmembers.–Johnathan Storlie, PhD

  3. Calling ahead helps us know not to plan any other meetings during the time you visit us, but don’t hesitate to stop in as we almost always have someone available who can sign you up and help you get your genetic analysis going whenever we are open, M-Sat.

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