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Foreword from  

The Hooked X: Key to the Secret History of North America  


by Scott Wolter  

who will be speaking Spring Grove on April 27, 2010-for details click here  

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Kensington Runestone shown to be older than 200 years old

History needs to be rewritten.   


The North American Continent is awash with evidence of pre-Columbian visitors who left their imprint on the landscape and their writing on stones and boulders as markers for those who followed.  Ogham and Runic inscriptions tell a story of Celtic and Viking penetration into the very hinterland of the New World (North and South America).  


These early seafarers must have felt very much at home as they found one watercourse leading into another with a never-ending string of lakes replete with fish and waterfowl to meet their inner needs.  They had found a Paradise – a Garden of Eden – which was rich in wild grapes, blueberries and huckleberries, and which was so teeming with game that the word wild seemed to be singularly inappropriate to describe animals who had still to learn to fear the sound of gun-shot.  


What happened to bring an end to this idyllic scene? Historians have been singularly slow in finding an answer or, when they can’t explain the presence of runic inscriptions, they describe them as ‘fakes’ which, as will be seen, is a convenient excuse to hide their own ignorance.  Fortunately, there are those who have been prepared to challenge such arbitrary findings so that we might have a better understanding of those who left their imprint on pre-Columbian America.  One such man is Scott Wolter, whose new book The Hooked X: Key to the Secret History of North America, is a masterly combination of science and logic, as well as being a gripping detective story which leaves no stone unturned (literally as well as figuratively).   


Scott’s book is guaranteed to make us take a fresh look at the rich evidence which lies beneath our feet and which, even when discovered, has been brutally pushed aside by the academic establishment for no better reason than to protect the ‘status quo’.   


I have read Scott’s book. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for the perseverance and determination which he has shown in bringing an important part of America’s early history to light. In his book, he quotes an inscription which is to be found in the Sinclair family chapel at Rosslyn in Scotland. In ends with the words: “The truth conquers all”. There can be no better summary to describe Scott’s richly revealing and richly rewarding manuscript. It deserves to be read.  

                                                                   – Niven Sinclair  


Niven Sinclair, born in Scotland in 1924, is chairman of the Friends of Rosslyn (the chapel featured in the film The Da Vinci Code), Founder of the Niven Sinclair Library and Study Centre at Noss Head, and a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries (Scotland). Mr. Sinclair is a businessman, filmmaker, writer, broadcaster and has traveled throughout the world. He served as a Major in the Seaforth Highlanders and Kings African Rifles in Ethiopia and Burma during World War II. Prior to his work with the BBC, he farmed in Tanganyika for thirty years.   

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  1. Dear Sir:
    This is the facts: in 1913, a runic stone was discovered in a barn at Kuli in the county of Møre og Romsdal in Norway. The text in Old Norse is:

    Þórir ok Hallvarðr reistu stein þenna ept Ulfljót(?) … Tolf vetr hafði kristindómr verit í Nóregi

    In modern English this means:

    Torir and Halvarthr set up this stone in rememberance of Ulv. Christianity has been i Norway for twelve winters.

    This the earliest written evidence for the presence of Christendom in Norway and both technical evidence and the writing dates the stone to about 1000-1015 AD.

    So far so good. But… this stone has a hooked X on it! It is rotated 180 degrees, but a hooked x non the less. A link to the wikipedia page with its pictue: http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kulisteinen

    It is highly visible, below the cross.

    But did the Hooked X really exist in 1000+ AD? Perhaps not. Here is the intriguing, apocryfical theory.

    This county was home of the Earls of Moere. Most notable of these was Rangvald Moerejarl, ancestor of the Normanns and thereby the Sinclair family. So far so good.

    Then, in 1613, in one of the many wars between Denmark-Norway and Sweden, a flock of Scottish mercenaries led by one George Sinclair landed in Moere on his way to serve the Swedish king. The Royal House of Sweden of course known to be a hub of freemasonry.

    The locals in Moere were willing helpers of Sinclair, one of them was named Iver of Halland, which sounds a bit like Hallad? Both name of a sone of Rangvald and the fifth earl of Sinclair, incidently, the highest ranking Norwegian freemason alive is named Iver Halland.

    Sinclair and his men crossed the mountains into Gudbrandsdal where his men were slaugthered by local peasants at the battle of Kringen. Only 18 out of 300 survived.

    Now back to the hooked X. Is it possible that George Sinclair, while wisiting his ancestoral lands, added the hooked X on the much older rune stone in 1613, as a sort of linking the past with the present?

  2. Hello this information is for Scott Wolters. I have a friend a former Vietnam Vet that grew up on family owned land in the area or NE Arkansas. He has told me many stories if the mound builders in the area. The most interesting is that a college from Alabama came to Arkansas in the mid to late 40’s or 50’s. When he was a child they paid him to help with the dig they did in Egypt AR. Hey did discover large men and women at these sites unfortunately these sites are only places this gentleman knows. Most in this farm area have been leveled an we have people who go out an hunt the fields for antiquities. It has been a heartbreaking shame. We assume the people that do it now are meth heads looking to sell them on the black market.
    Would you be interested in meeting Mr. tommy Escue? He is a wealth of information an even as a small child he remembers these people being of extreme height 8-9 ft tall. Please feel free to contact me leave a detailed message. Maybe we can help debunk the falsehood about Giants in America. He could show you the spots.
    Thank you Janet Baxter
    870-926-5623 please leave a message I will return your call or your producers.

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