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Join and lower your taxes at the same time.
Join and lower your taxes at the same time.
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  • discounts on genealogy research
  • online access to additional oral video histories and other historical videos
  • preference in filming of oral histories for their families

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  • all of the above plus
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Individual Yearly Membership:

  • Vaermore (Senior-62 or older)–$50/year
  • Lars (Individual)–$60/year
  • Ola and Per (Family)–$75/year

Philanthropic Membership:

  • Viking–$100/year
  • Georgia’s Genealogy–$175/year
  • Genetic Ancestry–$175/year
  • Giant–$250/year
  • King Olav–$500/year
  • Queen Sonja–$1000/year
  • King Harald–$2,500/year

Business Membership

  • Joseph Langland–$50/year
  • Peter J. Rosendahl–$100/year
  • Georgia Rosendahl–$250/year
  • Robert E. A. Lee–$500/year
  • Mons Fladager–$1000/year

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3 Replies to “Join Today”

  1. What a joy to stumble upon your website! I am, as well as my three sisters, 100%Norwegian. We are very proud of our heritage and know a lot about it, but always fun to share with people who know what lutefisk is, etc.

    We grew up going to school in Lake Mills, Iowa and living east and north of there just south of Albert Lea, MN on the Iowa side of the border. Our home was on the farm was called the “the church farm” for Silver Lake Lutheran Church. It was a great place to grow up — scandinavians everywhere!

    I’m in the process of documenting our genealogy as well as updating it for the new generations. What I need assistance with is the ships that came to the northern US or Canada. My great grandmother was Anna (Sanvik) Everson. She was about 12 when she came over on a boat. We do know she did not come through Ellis Island. If anyone is interested in sharing, I’m very much interested. I believe Stavangar area is where her family had lived in Norway. Some of our relatives also came from the Lillemark area.

    My three sisters have all visited Norway to visit the places of family homes. Very interesting!

  2. My cousin and I have spent the last year doing research on the family history. We have gone back about 4 generations in Norway, then tracked the migration from Norway, to Rice Co. Mn, to Sharon ND, to Rhame ND to Manitou. We still have a lot of holes to fill and a lot of why questions.

    I am making a long drive next sprint to retrace the step, from Minn, westward.

    It will be interesting if this Heritage Center can help with some detail

  3. I enjoy searching family history. This would be quite helpful in that pursuit.

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