Don't miss out on our unforgettable events in our Honored Immigrant Hall.
Don’t miss out on all the fun of being part of our Giants of the Earth Heritage Center team.

Basic Membership:

  • Lars (Individual)–$60/year
  • Værmor (Senior)–$50/year
  • Ola and Per (Family)–$75/year

Philanthropic Membership:

  • Viking–$100/year
  • Genetic Ancestry–$175
  • Georgia’s Genealogy–$175
  • Giant–$250/year
  • King Olav–$500/year
  • Queen Sonja–$1,000/year
  • King Harald–$2,500/year

Business Membership

  • Joseph Langland–$50/year
  • Peter J. Rosendahl–$100/year
  • Georgia Rosendahl–$250/year
  • Robert E. A. Lee–$500/year
  • Mons Fladager–$1000/year

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