Board of Directors

Acting Executive Director

Bill Fried

Vice Chair

Mike Schmidt


Diane Schmidt/Jillellyn Storlie JD


Karen Gray/Judy Tollefsrud

Board of Directors

Karen Fried

Jim Gray, DVM

Ed Myrah

Len Myrah

JC Nerstad

Georgia Rosendahl

Jill Storlie, JD

John Storlie, PhD

Mary Ann Thurmer


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Jim Woodward

Honorary Board

David Judisch, PhD, Order of St. Olav

Gary Gandrud, JD, former Norwegian Honorary Consul General

Advisory Board

Tim Murphy, JD

Lee Sundet

Louise Sundet

Visionary Committee

Eric Bunge

Norman Ellingson

Fred Kiel

Scott Morem

David Wright

Jeanne Wright

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2 Replies to “Board of Directors”

  1. Just wanted to let you know that your Giants of the Earth site got a plug in our recent newsletter and is posted on our home page this week (as of May 22)

    Impressive mission and cooperation in your community.
    The Lanesboro Local Team

  2. Thanks to the Lanesboro Local Team for such nice comments. Lanesboro has been a model town for the area and we certainly appreciate all that the Lanesboro Local Team has done. I am hoping to we can help many more Spring Grove area residents make use of your services and follow your noble mission.

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