Christmas Photo Contest

Family heritage is passed on most dramatically at holiday season.   Do you have family customs that you cherish?  Giants invites you to share your holiday traditions in visual form.

Giants will host a photo contest at its Ballard House location.  Prizes will be given to first, second and third place winners with Spring Grove dollars that can be redeemed at our gift shop or any other Spring Grove business.  First place will receive $50, second will receive $25 with third place receiving $10 in Spring Grove money.

Should you wish to contribute you may bring your photos to the Ballard House between now and December 14th.  You may either bring in your photos for us to print, or you may email them to us at

Photos will then be on display for voting starting December 14th and continue to December 30th, at which point we will declare the winner.

Giants would like to use these images on our website and our archives.

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