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[fbnotliked]“When a society or a civilization perishes, one condition can always be found. They forgot where they came from.” — Carle Sandburg

We offer activities to interest everyone in your family.

Like our facebook page to gain access to more videos, such as this one (below) created by Giants of the Earth Heritage Center under the direction of the Glasrud family for their family reunion which was held in Spring Grove [/fbnotliked]




Membership has its privileges ACT NOW and Get a Complimentary Genetic Test

Those who join Giants of the Earth at a “King Olav” ($500) level or higher, may request a free complete genetic ancestry test. Our genetic genealogy expert, Dr. Johnathan Storlie, will walk you through the steps to get started. Further, after you receive your test results genotyping 1 million SNPs 2-8 weeks after submitting your saliva sample, we will work with you to answer your questions, help you build your family tree, and even show you how to easily contact dozens of newly found relatives across the ocean. Before you buy a genetic kit on your own, be sure to ask how many markers or SNPs the kit analyzes and how many people are in the current database. If it less than half a million SNPs or if the database of

people is small, look elsewhere. If, after looking at the links and video above and below, you are interested or have questions, please email Dr. Storlie directly at:



[fbnotliked]World-wide service, small town friendliness

Everyone wants to be part of a community where they feel accepted as they are, like a family member. Whether you are taking part in our Fine and Folk Art classes, our Norwegian language camp, or working online with our genealogical experts, we want you to feel like you are welcome and appreciated.

Life is lived forward, but understood backwards.

“People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors.”Edmund Burke

As you build your family tree with names, we hope you will also honor your ancestors by uploading stories and pictures of them.  You might even consider having one of your older relatives interviewed talking about these images through our oral histories project. As you research each of your ancestor’s unique lives, we want you to share any insights you have with other members who are also working on their trees. By identifying common themes within our actual ancestors’ lives, we hope that every person and family can become empowered with a sense of their place in the larger chain of Being. Because so much of our ancestors’ lives was spent working for the good of subsequent generations, we knew we should include a stewardship forum where people could try to understand what inspired our ancestors to leave the legacy they did for us…Read more under Resurrecting Multigenerational Consciousness.[fbnotliked]

And don’t forget to bookmark www.trueheritage.org now that you are family.




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