Aarseth Tells about His Murals

Sigmund Aarseth describes Honored Immigrant Hall historical murals. For this top video, we highly recommend that you click on the CC for captioning in the language of your choice.

“I love Sigmund’s picture on the south wall of Honored Immigrant Hall at Giants of the Earth Heritage Center. What a great depiction of the parting of ancestors from the old countries to the new world, Norway or other. Sigmund is a true artist and his connection to people is immense. He shows us the true Viking spirit or heritage spirit of those who came to this world from the ancient homelands. There may have been much beauty and family but at that time much suffering there and thus forefathers left for a new life and all this showed a real aptitude for handling change, embracing the new while holding on to the romance and ancient ties of the old. We can do that too.” Jill Storlie

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