Norwegian Ridge Choral Camp 2015

Choral Camp students sing traditional Norwegian tunes before large audience
Choral Camp students sing traditional Norwegian tunes before large audience

PLEASE NOTE: Norwegian Ridge Choral Camp has been CANCELEDĀ for 2015.


July 13-17, 2015

10am to 2pm

Spring Grove, MN 55974


David Judisch, Professor Emeritus of Voice and Vocal Performance, Luther College

Dean Beckman, Vocal Director at Decorah Middle School

Rachel Storlie, Vocal Coach at Songbirds Music Studio


Norwegian Ridge Choral Camp provides an opportunity for emerging voices to explore and develop choral and solo singing skill sets.


To teach heritage skills that are waning through Norwegian diction training and folk music performance. To teach students how their role in preparing music creates meaning beyond the notes.


To foster a love of classical music as well as traditional Norwegian music.

To fill a void not addressed by public and private schools.

To prepare gifted or passionate vocal students for more advanced study in camps such as Dorian Music Camp.


Grades 4-12

All students will collectively be studying Edvard Grieg and the influence of Norwegian culture in his music. The documents will be on display for all including parents at Immigrant Hall on Friday.

Eash student will be provided with and iPad for individual wide band search in Immigrant Hall. All research will be shared online via Google Docs.

Each student will have 30 minute voice lessons daily with a trained, professional musician.


$250 per student.

Register for Norwegian Ridge Choral Camp 2015 in Spring Grove, MN.




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