Norwegian Ridge Language Camp Videos 2013

NRLC JPEG 8plus Logan

Norwegian Ridge Language Camp 2013 took place on June 10-14 (4-7 year olds) and June 17-21 (8 and up). Wholesome fun was had by all as they learned about Norwegian language and culture.

You can sign up your child up for camp at  If you wish to support this kind of wholesome youth activities, consider making a tax-deductible donation to Giants of the Earth Heritage Center, or join as a member today.

Special thanks to all those who volunteered to make this camp a special occasion, including

  • Lisa Beiwel
  • Karen and Scott Bingham
  • Jane Bjerke
  • Jill Bjerke
  • Lindsey Bratland
  • Thom Carlson
  • Logan Deschler
  • Betty Dowe
  • Brit Eddy
  • Bill and Karen Fried
  • Kjersti Fried
  • Karen Gray and Jim Gray
  • Lee Grippen
  • Dean Johnson
  • Minette Stalheim Johnson
  • Paul R. Johnson
  • Ingvald Lorentzen
  • Katrina, Maria, and Stine Myrah
  • Georgia Rosendahl
  • Diane Schmidt
  • David Storlie
  • John and Patty Storlie
  • Rick Sundet
  • Kari Tauring
  • Katie Wiste
  • Sharon Wiste
  • and many others.

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  1. Very nice camp and good. I would love to be a volunteer in the camp soon.. Bless your heart organizers and sponsor.

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