Baldwin Onsgard 8mm footage

Giants of the Earth Heritage Center sent away a donated collection of old 8mm films from Spring Grove’s Baldwin Onsgard to be digitized. Below is the raw digitized footage from these silent films. Some of the footage does not occur in Spring Grove but in New Orleans, Washington DC, and the Grand Canyon. We encourage people to view the films and take notes if they can identify the people or events so that we can later use the footage to create Spring Grove documentaries. Special thanks to Yvonne Westphonl who contributed the PDF timeline describing the videos. If you have additional comments please post them below or send them to and please note the name of the video and the exact time the event or person appears in the video. Digitizing 8mm films was expensive, so any support you could give to our project would help it continue. Thanks.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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  1. My father knew Al Onsgard. They both worked for NWA. Dads says Al saved his life.
    First film at 35:15, you can see the main terminal of Wold-Chamberlain Airport-Minneapolis.

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