Nowlands on Ireland’s Vikings

Think you’re not Irish? Our genetic tests are showing that people who think they are 100% Norwegian, actually have many sections of DNA that they share with people who claim to be 100% Irish, and vice versa. The video link below explains why this is the case.

If you would like to see us continue to capture the stories of local residents, please make a contribution to Giants of the Earth Heritage Center Oral Histories project staffing.

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  1. I grew up being told I was 100% Norwegian because all my immigrant great grand parents immigrated from Vik Norway to Stoughton Wisconsin
    then I did the pedigree chart and found there was Danish German Dutch English Scottish and Irish five of my great grand parents connect to the Viking King line and Viking Harald Maguson of Gille he was Irish married and Irish women and his daughter Margaret son his descendants passed down the Irish gene also Scottish as his father Jon Huk father was Scottish Norwegian and English the DNA showed I was only 56 % Scandinavian 30% Great Britain 5 % W Europe all those years growing up I believed I was 100 % Norwegian

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