Fine and Folk Art School Acknowledgments

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Our Fine Art classes were funded by the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council through the Minnesota arts and cultural heritage fund as appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.

Special thanks to the thousands of volunteer hours and the many resources donated by Patricia Storlie, Karen Gray, Johnathan Storlie, Jill Storlie, Bill Fried, Jim Gray, Karen Fried, Mike Schmidt, Diane Schmidt, Georgia Rosendahl, JC Nerstad, David Storlie, and numerous volunteer instructors and others. Also special thanks to Katie Wiste, Rachel Storlie, Kathrine Myrah, Robin Bartell, Lindsey Bratland, and to Dan Huebner.

Special thanks to the workers and staff during the Norwegian Ridge Language Camp including Geneva Tweeten, Linda Nerstad Kemp, Tressie Tweeten, Kjersti Fried, Bill Fried, Emma Landsom, Stephanie Landsom, Patricia Storlie, Karen Fried, Karen Gray, Kathrine Myrah, Ingrid Rotto, Richard Simon Hanson, Johnathan Storlie, Lindsey Bratland, Howard Burtness, Betty Dowe, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Susag, Sandra Bob and Dawn Hanson, Sue Engan, Stine Myrah, Maria Myrah, Cherise Christopherson, Jane Bjerke, Jill Bjerke, Dean Johnson, Diane Schmidt, Mary Ann Thurmer, Mike Schmidt, Georgia Rosendahl, Thomas Carlson, Lee Grippen, Gayle Grippen, Jim Gray, JC Nerstad, Sarah Holland, Craig Otterness, and the Spring Grove Cinema, and Angie Berns. Please email if you see someone who we forgot.

Thanks to all the Sons of Norway, especially those who visited in Bunads.

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