Sir Isaac Newton’s Scriptural Crytpogram

“Let me therefore beg of thee not to trust to the opinion of any man concerning these things…search the scriptures thyself…if thou desirest to find the truth. Which if thou shalt at length attain thou wilt value above all other treasures…search into these scriptures which God hath given to be a guide…and be not discouraged by the gainsaying which these things will meet with in the world…

And whither they will believe it or not, there are greater judgments hang over the Christians for their remissness than ever the Jews yet felt. But the world loves to be deceived, they will not understand, they never consider equally, but are wholly led by prejudice, interest, the praise of men, and authority of the Church they live in… There are but few that seek to understand the religion they profess, and those that study for understanding therein, do it rather for worldly ends, or that they may defend it, than…to examine whether it be true with a resolution to choose and profess that religion which in their judgment appears the truest…” -Sir Isaac Newton

False paradigm falls from the sky 2500 years later holds the key to fully understand Newton’s decryption of the scriptural cryptogram. Members can find it in our Secret Stuff section. If you are strong and of good courage, click on the wormwood image below to learn how to knock on the door to our inner chamber.

What is wormwood? Doomrow si tahw?

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