UffDa Fest 2010

by Jill Storlie

UffDa Fest Uff Da Fest Flier V1 Sept 24 2010 for Heritage Center events

On Saturday Oct. 2, choose from so many events in Spring Grove – in the Fest Building, Viking Park and Syttende Mai Hus, Bluff Country Gallery and more!
Visit http://www.uffdafest.com/UffDa_Fest_in_Spring_Grove_Minnesota/uffdafest.com.html for the full invitation and schedule and see the Spring Grove Herald.
In the mean time, Giants of the Earth Heritage Center, your new area volunteer “non-profit educational institution, is dedicated to honoring, preserving, and interpreting the history and heritage of the people from Spring Grove’s Norwegian Ridge in southeastern Minnesota.”   Check out our website at http://www.springgrovemnheritagecenter.org/ 
We are excited to bring more programs to the community.  Remember last spring we hosted Scott Wolters presentation on The Kensington Rune Stone and Hooked X Rune? and 17th Mai drawings for memberships and events and last year`s Uff Da Fest monkey fist knot typing sessions of kids? and always genealogy introduction and research.
Check out our attached schedule of events centered around Spring Grove`s Cinema (what a great screen for videos and speakers), SG Library, YOOH and The Ballard House -our new home (currently under interior 1st floor reconstruction and about to host Norwegian interior mural painter Sigmund Årseth).  The Sons of Norway, Valdres and the Viking Boat will join us to expand our kids activities, photo opportunities, and food options at Uff Da Fest on Saturday October 2.  Please print this attached schedule to choose from and join us in Spring Grove for the events of your choice.  Sign up for our drawing at the Cinema or Ballard House and bring your stories to the video sessions at the Library.  You and the kids can learn about the OLD OLD RUNES, or alphabet and how the letters reflected nature and had special meanings or learn the old chants you might sign up on the mountaint with the sheet and cattle in the summer where you connect with the universe and called the animals with your voice and staff (stav) or see the hilarious and challenging experience of a group of Americans in series where they explored their Nordic heritage.. for the first time.. and ate a sheep`s head as is the tradition in say, Voss. ugh.
If you like a festive day in the fall, Spring Grove is the place to be – rain or shine – you will end the day satisfied with your selections of fun, culture and food. 
Any changes will be posted at our website and available on the day. 
See you next SATURDAY
We welcome new support in the form or members, contributors, volunteers and promoters.  Please consider an individual or family membership of 35 and 50 dollars or even a philanthropic level!  We appreciate all your support and good will – that is what fuels our volunteer energies in this fast-moving and engaging project.
Watch for our fall events as well…
Oct 24th afternoon Sunday, Sigmund Årseth painting to music at the Cinema… An event you will not see anywhere else.  A 9 foot by 15 foot canvas painting in about an hour plus great music.
Oct 30 evening Saturday, Multicourse Dinner and Preview of Sigmund`s work on the Ballard House, Heritage Center Walls
Nov 13 all day Saturday beginning and review ROSEMALING course
Nov 18 evening Thursday, with Sons of Norway presentation by Roar Moe of Litle Færøy, Sogn og Fjordane… Friluftliv, Coastal Culture and Nature life history preservation and student programs in Norway, a multimedia presentation on the big screen at Spring Grove Cinema.
Nov. x,  grand opening of Heritage Center at the Ballard House Historic Hotel, Giants of the Earth Heritage Center new digs.

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