Wartime Footage Major General Leif Sverdrup

WWII in the Pacific. Includes Papua New Guinea footage. Special thanks to Major General Leif Sverdrup for taking these films. To the best of our knowledge, they have never been seen before.

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  1. I am a volunteer at the MacArthur Museum Brisbane, Australia, located in the building where Gen. MacArthur had his GHQ from 1942-1944. Gen. Sverdrup had an office there, too. I read Sverdrup’s biography and have been trying to find these films ever since. Where did you find them? Are there any more? I would like to link them to our website eventually, if you will permit it.

  2. Yes, you may link them to your website. We received these films from the caretaker for General Sverdrup’s son, who encouraged us to share them on our website and YouTube.

  3. Feel free to link the video to your website. General Sverdrup had a handicapped son and the woman who took care of him dropped off the videos that are on our website as she knew about our connection genealogically to the Sverdrups and also our interest in preserving the stories of WWII vets.

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