Weston Noble-WWII Tank Gunner

We hope you enjoy Weston Noble-WWII Tank Gunnner. Don’t forget to bookmark this page and share it with your friends on Facebook (click on the icons near the top of the page). The first video includes humorous anecdotes from Weston’s training at the rifle range during basic training. The second¬†video includes a discussion from advanced training to the Battle of the Bulge. The third video includes horrific stories and original pictures from a German death camp. The fourth video includes the push to Germany and discussions about the concentration camp with German civilians¬†and original pictures of the camp. It also tells how Weston visited Hitler’s bunker after the Soviets withdrew.

Thanks especially to Weston Noble, Lindsey Bratland, Johnathan Storlie, and Logan Deschler who were involved in the video end of this project. Thanks also to Mike & Diane Schmidt, Dan Huebner, and many others who have contributed financially to Giants of the Earth Heritage Center oral histories department to make sure that the stories of our treasured seniors are preserved. To help us continue this important work, please donate in the column at left.

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  1. Wonderful Giants of the Earth Heritage Centre with video’s and images, introducing these great war veterans to us, giving us a chance to pray and praise them. Because of them we are living happy now.

    Thanks and gratitude to all of them including the one who lost their lives in sacrificing for our future..

  2. I am having trouble locating my uncle, Edward Alfred Rowlands. He joined the Australian army but was transferred to the Airforce and flew on bombing missions over Europe from England. I believe he was stationed there and his role was the one who rolled the bombs out of the plane. Having said all that he came home with the D.F.M having brought the plane home after the pilot was shot. That is the only info. I have. Can you help? Irene Shaw.

  3. my intrest in the 4thj u/s army division stems from where they were station in the u/k prior to d/day the reason that i/m interested is i was a young lad in an orphanage in bodmin in the county of cornwall, we never got outside the walls around that place &really were not aware what was going on, events relating to the war we did not know anything, but what i have never forgot
    was on a few ocasions the soldiers visted us and brought food etc &took a few of us up the beacon playing area tried to teach us baseball we failed i’m sorry to say,so if their is any vetrens still around i would like to thanks a million,
    best regards,
    brian jagot

  4. I watched the four “Weston Noble in World War II” videos and found them fascinating and illuminating. Thanks to all who collaborated in this valuable work.

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